Upgrading from jD3.9 to jD4


It is assummed that you have a regular jDownloads 3.9 site that you wish to update to jDownloads 4.0 .
Further is is assumed that your site is using the most recent version of Joomla 3, which at the time of writing is Joomla! 3.10.12

The process is somewhat tedious but is reliable.  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO HURRY - Allow plenty of time, it may help if you make notes as you go!!!
In the process which follows your site will be updated to the latest Joomla! version 4. Please note the last item in this article about setting up a menu item.

Minimum Requirements

You need to ensure your site meets the minimimum requirements as noted below.
Whilst PHP 8 is not absolutely required (yet) most of our testing with jDownloads has been with PHP 8 so we strongly recommend you set your site to PHP 8.
  • PHP 7.2.5 (8.0 recommended) PHP 7.4.33 used in this example
  • MySQL 5.7+ or equivalent MariaDB level (10.2) - 10.3 prefered
  • Joomla 3.10.11
  • jDownloads at least version

Start Joomla update

From the Joomla Control Panel select Components and then Joomla! Update.

This should bring up a panel such as shown opposite.

Now click on Options
V4 update01A

This shows an image as opposite.

Use the pulldown and click on  'Joomla Next'.

Then Save & Close.

The system will then automatically show the pre upgrade check.
update03V4 update04

Pre upgrade Check

This shows the results of the pre-upgrade checker.
This is a long display so it is shown in several steps.

The 'orange coloured' message for the PHP Settings is because Error reporting had been set.

The next part of the the check shows that the jDownloads 3.9 System Pluging is not compatible with Joomla 4. 

So we need to disable it as described below.
update- chek02

Disable System Plugin

To do this select Extensions - Plugins. This will show all the plugins so use the search facility to locate the jDownloads Plugins.

So Disable the jDownloads 3.9 System Plugin by clicking on the 'tick'.  This will change to a 'cross' as shown below..

V4 update05
But leave the Tags Fix Enabled.

After disabling the System-jDownloads plugin, select Components in the top bar and then reselect 'Joomla Update'.

This returns you to the Pre-Update Check.  Note that the Warning about the jDownloads System Plugin in now not shown.

There may be other warnings about various components, modules or plugins that are installed that need to be resolved.  Take the suggested advice,if any, or if unsure contact the item supplier about what action should be taken.
update check07aCaptcha08
The final part of the Report is a list of installed extensions that are compatible with Joomla 4.Captcha08
Now go back to Components - Joomla UpdateCaptcha08

and click on Live Update Tab

Install Update

We can now Install the Update by clicking on the "Install the Update" as shown in the image opposite.

The process takes a while but the progress is shown as below.
update check12
When the update process completes then there is a message that the site is now at Joomla 4.

You may of course have extensions other than jDownloads but in principle the update procedure is the same.

Update jDownloads

The next step is to Download the Latest version of jDownloads 4, which at the time of updating this article, is 'jDownloads 4.0.26 stable' to your device from the jDownloads main site https://www.jdownloads.com.
To update jDownloads to the latest jD 4 version, go to V4 button system Menu -  then click onV4 button Extensions and select V4 upload tabtab. This gives a view as opposite.V4 upload install
Now browse for or drag the jD zip file. jD will be installed and will show an Installing view such as opposite.
V4 installing progress

When the installation is completed you will see a message such as the one opposite.

Finally click on the V4 start jD button.
V4 jD installed

Create Menu Item

jDownloads uses the 'List All Categories' menu item as a means of internal navigation to the categories an Downloads.  It may be a Hidden menu item.  The menu item entry in your choosen Menu would look similar to the image opposite

V4 menu item all cats hidden

If you are unsure of how to do this see Create Menu Item (opens in new window/tab). Failure to setup this menu item will lead to 'unexpected faults'.
Colin M April 2023, upated December 2023

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