Write Review of jDownloads on Joomla Extensions Directory

It helps us if users write a review on the Joomla Extensions Directory (JED).  How to do this is not always obvious!

The JED is located at http://extensions.joomla.org/

The first step is to Log in or Register.  The Login and Register menu items are in the main menu bar.

There are three methods described below where you can get to the main jDownloads entry in the JED.  The first one is the quickest but assumes that the JED has not been "re-organised".  The other method step through the JED in a different way.
You can
EITHER (1) use the link below
which will take you to the main jDownloads page in the JED.  Next scroll down a little way until you can see the tabreview tab  tab.  So click on Reviews which will show a review button  button.
OR (2)
After logging in go to your Profile
Then in the Filter Box type in jDownloads as illustrated opposite. 

As you type in various 'links' will appear as shown below.

When the jDownloads entry appears, after typing just jD in this example, then Click on it.
This takes you to the main JED entry for jDownloads.
So click on v4 button write review to get to the next step in writing the review.

OR (3)
use Browse Extensions - select Top Rated
Then in the Search bar type jDownloads in full.

As you type various links will appear below the search bar.
The link to the principle jDowloads will appear as you type the final 's'.
So click on that link

This will show the 'Browse' entry for jDownloads as the image on the right.
So click on the "NNN reviews" - shown as 178 reviews in the image opposite.
Ifyou have not logged in then you will get a messagge such as V4 review msg01 Now login or create an account.

Main Review Entry

This takes us to the Submit Review Guidelins as shown opposite 

Scroll down until you see the review button button.

Clicking on the button brings up the actual review form where you can give short comments and use slider bars for ratings, which we hope are as high as possible! 

ColinM July 2017 updated July 2021, May 2023

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