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The procedure below makes use of the database tables that jDownloads saved during the upgrade process.

In this the website's Control Panel will be used to  rename some jDownloads database tables.  Here a CPanel website will be used as an example.

Checking database tables exist

Login to your website Control Panel.

In the Databases Section click on the phpMyAdmin button.
revert cpanel01

This will then list all the tables in the database as illustrated opposite.

The prefix for the table names here is 'ebyg6_' .

NOTE all the database names shown in this article are fictional.  But the table names are actual.
revert cpanel02'

Now scroll down until you see the jDownloads ones.

There are a total of 15 tables, the seven regular jD3.9 tables and eight 'backup' tables from the previous jD 3.2 version.

revert database01
In this example the backup tables have '_backup_3_2_69' appended to the names.  This indicates that the update was from a jD3.2.69 version.

At a later stage we will be re-naming the 'backup' tables

Uninstalling jD3.9

It is necessary to uninstall the jDownloads modules and plugins and then the component.

This follows the normal uninstallation process but it will be done in two steps as described below.

First goto Extensions - Manage - Manage as indicated opposite.

Revert uninstall01

Enter jDownloads in the Search bar and click on the search buttonrevert button search.

This will show all jDownloads items.

Use the pulldown selector at the top right of the view to ensure that at least 25 items are shown on the page.
Revert uninstall02A
Revert uninstall02

Now select all of the items EXCEPT the jDownloads Component.

Actually the easiest way to do this is to select all by ticking the box next to Status and then untick the Component.

Next click on the Revert uninstall button button.
Revert uninstall03

This will show a series of Success messages. 

Only the Component will be left, as shown opposite.
Revert uninstall04

Now select the Component and again click on theRevert uninstall button button. Revert uninstall05
This next step is important.

Ensure you select Yes for Delete the database tables and No for the Images and Files as shown opposite.

Next Click on the red Revert uninstall button red  button.
Revert uninstall06
You will get an 'Are you sure? message.

Click in Yes if you are sure.
Revert uninstall07

After a short while you will then see a message such as shown opposite.
Revert uninstall08

Rename database tables

Once again go to your website control panel and use phpMyadmin revert button myadmin.
Now login again to your database. 

You will see that in jDownloads only the backup tables remain, which is what we need. 

The next step will be to rename the tables.
revert database02
In this next stage we will be renaming each of the tables by deleting the '_backup_3_2_69' from the name. Of course if you upgraded from an earlier version it will show that version number.  Please note you must be at jD3.2.69 or higher to upgrade to the 3.9 series.

This renaming is carried out one table at a time.

Select one of the tables that contains the _backup in the name
revert database04

Now at the top of the display check you have selected the correct table.

Then click on Operations.
revert database05

On the next display scroll down to Table Options.

The only thing that will be changed is the table name.
revert database06
Now edit the name to remove the  '_backup_3_2_69' part.

This can be a bit 'fiddly' as often the screen is quite compact.

On a desktop or laptop one can use the CNTRL key and the mouse wheel to enlarge the screen.
revert database07'

So that it now looks like the example shown opposite.
revert database08

Then find the Go button in Table Options and click on it.
revert database08
The expected result is shown oppopsite.revert database10

Repeat the process for each of the 8 tables.

The final result should look like that shown opposite.
revert database11

Download jD3.2.69

Please go to the jDownloads site at Component Download and scroll down to find the jD3.2.69 release. 

Click on the Download button which will take you to the Summary view and again click on the Download button. 

Save the Download to a suitable location on your device.  It will be required twice as outlined below

Install jDownloads 3.2.69

Select: Extensions -  Manage - Install
Revert install01

Then choose 'Upload Package File' and drag the jD3.2.69 zip file onto the upload area.
Revert install02

After a short while you will see a report like the one opposite.

This indicates that the renamed database tables were found.

We now have to repeat the installation exactly as before.

Revert install03

Whilst the report above says Joomla! will treat the second install as an Update do not use the Update button - Use the Install as shown opposite.
Revert install03

Again after a short delay you will see that the installation has completed.
Revert install03

Scroll down the screen and then click on the 'Start jDownloads Now' link.

We are nearly done!
revert database06

It is possible that whist the jD3.9 version was being used you might have added or deleted some Categories and Downloads.

So got to the jDownloads Control Panel and click on the 'Check Download area now' link as indicaterd opposite.
Revert install07

This will give a report similar to the one shown opposite dependant upon whether some Categories and Downloads were added or deleted.
Revert install08

Check Third Party Extensions

 Following the upgade  to jD3.9 series you may also have updated the plugins for the standard supported extensions.

If you had done this then clearly they need setting back to the 3.2 versions

The Special Extensions for JComments, Komento and Community Builder may be found at jD3.2 extensions. The plugin support for Alta User Points is effectively 'built in' to jDownloads but it does need installing as described in the Alta User Points article.

For JComments please see the article Enabling comments on Downloads with JComments 
For Komento see  the jD3.9 article on Komento .
For Community Builder see  Using Community Builder.

Note that version 6 and above of Acymailing supports both jD3.2 and jD 3.9 .

ColinM August 2020

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