Download Actions - direct, via summary page, or via download details?




Downloads from the front end may be initiated by either clicking on the Symbol, the Download Title or the Download Button as illustrated below.
download actions00
The exact sequence depends on how the jDownloads Options - Front End tab in the section Download Sequence.

Of the four setting involved, the first two 'Activate direct downloading?' and 'View Download detail page?' determine the type of link.  The other two settings 'Use files title as download link?' and 'Use Link in Symbol' determine whether or not the the title or the symbol actually have link or are inactive.
download actions01

When either the symbol or the title or both are inactive allows jDownloads to be WCAG compliant.

Actions Summary

Activate direct
detail page?
Result of Clicking on
Title or Symbol
Result of Clicking on
Download Button
Yes Yes Show Detail View Download Occurs Directly
Yes No Download Occurs Directly Download Occurs Directly
No Yes Show Detail View Show Summary Page
No No Show Summary Page Show Summary Page
Note:There is one important exception to the above.  If the user has to agee to a licence, complete a CAPTCHA, give a password, or similar then the Summary Page will always appear so that the user may respond.


If you use the jDownloads Content plugin then it is preferable to set the 'Use files title as download link? field to Yes.

Also if you are using Alphauserpoints then you need to set Activate Direct Downloading to No as it requires the Summary Page.

Both the Details View and the Summary Page View have their own Download buttons so that ultimately the actual downloading will occur.

What happens at your device end is dependant on what has been setup in the browser. This is not controllable by jDownloads.

ColinM November 2019

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