Rapidly setting View Access Levels of multiple Categories and Downloads

Uses the Batch mode to set either multiple Categories or multiple Downloads.

When setting up a viable scheme for downloading and creating or editting Downloads then the Access level plays a significant role.  Setting these manually, especially on a large site, would be an onerous and time consuming task.  Using the 'batch' mode operation simplifies and speeds up the process.  If you have a very large number of Downloads then it would be advisable to take the Download area offline. See Configuration - Front End tab.  Also please be a little patient!

This example uses a set of Categories that are organised as shown opposite.  This is a just a subsection of all the Categories on the site.

Specifically in ths example we are going to set the Access level for all the Downloads that belong to the Nodus Website category and all its various levels of Child categories to the Registered view Access level.

Access level00

As the first step in the back end go to Downloads and use the Select Category filter to only list the Downloads that are in the categoty chain starting at at the highest category level that is to be changed, in this example it is the Nodus Website category.






This gives a view such as shown below.  Note that after the list appeared then all the Downloads were 'selected' by 'ticking' the Title column.

 Access level02 cr
  Access level04

The number of Downloads that may be selected is limited by number shown on the downloads summary screen. This value is set at the top righthand side of the summary screen.  Remember to set this to an appropriate value.  Clearly 'All' is a safe choice.

Access level08


The next step is simply to click on the 'Batch' button

 Access level05 cr


This brings up a modal window as shown opposite.  All we need to do is use the 'Set Access Level' pulldown to select the required Access Level.  Leave the other options alone.  Access level06C

Then click the 'Process' button.


Note: the other options, especially the move category one, could be used to re-organise the Downloads.

 Access level06A
 The result is that all the Access levels are set to the level selected. 
  Access level07A

Changing the Access level for Categories is essentially the same but of course using Categories instead of Downloads.

Colin Mercer, January 2015

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