What does ImageMagick do?

The basic objective of ImageMagick in jDownloads is to create an image and associated thumbnail of the front page of any pdf file that is uploaded to form a Download


An example as it appears in a download list is shown opposite.  Obviously the objective is to give a better idea of the contentents of the Download. 









If you click on the thumbnail it shows a larger image in a modal window

















This facility is enabled in the Configuration Picture Tab.  The descriptions explain the required settings.  Clearly the green status message is essential.  If ImageMagick library and its PHP extension are not present then a red status message such as "Status: ImageMagick PHP Module 'Imagick' is missing." will be shown.  You will need to contact your hosting service to get them to install the neccessary items.  The two links in the description take you to the main ImageMajick web site and to the PHP documentation respectively.

We are sometimes asked where Imagick item should be located.  This is down to the server setup. If you really, really want to know then try a google search using the search phrase "where should Image magick and the relevant php extension be located". The result shows the diversity of 'solutions' and the dependance on the server configuration.






 When creating or editing an upload then just just specify the pdf file as usual.




If you go down to the Images Tab after the file has been uploaded then you will see that the thumbnail has been created.
















Colin Mercer  December 2014

  • Samstag, 20 Dezember 2014