Using Automonitoring for Bulk Download Creation

How to create large number of downloads automatically.

Auto monitoring is rather like a generel import.  It provides the capability of creating categories, sub categories and downloads automatically.  The resultant downloads are of a basic type without additional descriptions, special pictures and so on.  But the main chore of uploading and creating the categories and downloads is readily accomplished.

Got to Configuration - Monitor tab

Set as appropriate.  Note usually a good idea to limit type of files uploaded.




To check out all is well it is suggested that auto monitoring is turned off. The actual monitoring will be initiated manually as indicated below


The basic structure of jDowloads Categories are just folders and sub folders starting at


as indicated opposite.


In this simple example a new sub folder was created and the 'downloads'  were uploaded into the sub folder.

This could be done by ftp, using the site cPanel, a Joomla! directory manager like eXplorer or similar.


The next step is to initiate the monitoring manually from the jDowloads Control Panel - status tab by clicking on 'Check Downloads area now'.

This will give a report such as shown opposite.  But if a lot of files please be patient!  It all depends on the speed and load of your server.

The result is a set of automatically created downloads, and in this example a new sub category as well. AutoMon07

Colin Mercer January 2015

  • Saturday, 31 January 2015