Translating with Transifex - Basics

For novice translators.

Now that you have a transifex account and you have been accepted as a translator then you can start translating.

If there are several members in your translation team then it is both useful and polite to contact the coordinator about which item you intend to translate.

To see your team members and the coordinator use the link and then navigate to down to jDownloads and then select your language, which will probably be highlighted.

Before beginning it is perhaps worth noting that there are generally two translation files for each 'application' such as a module or plugin.  For example with the Last Updated module:

  • "admin-mod_jdownloads_last_updated" is the file with the text seen by a user;
  • "admin-mod_jdownloads_last_updated-sys " is the file with the text seen during installation.

 The Component has three files:

  •  backend:   admin-com_jdownloads,
  • installation: admin-com_jdownloads_sys,
  • front-end:    site-com_jdownloads.

Logging In

  There are different ways of logging into your account but one of the simplest is to use the links below.  In these you start by selecting the language as described below. Another simple scheme, desribed in summary form near the end of this article, is to access using the jDownloads documentation site.
  This will take you to the language selection page.
  Clicking on  'Choose a Language' will show you all the languages which you have nominated.  In this example there is only one language, French.
  After selecting the language you are taken directly to the 'resources', that is the translation files themselves as illustrated below. So now select which file you are going to translate.
  Clicking on the name of the file takes you to the actual translation file, which here is that of the Last Updated module.  Here we are showing how to edit online but note there are facilites for downloading translations to your PCF and susequently uploading them again.
   The above shows the left hand side of the screen whilst below the rigfhthand side is shown.  In this example the text 'Category' in item 7 on the left screen was clicked and this gave the 'translation' work area on the righthand side as below.
   After typing in the translation then just click on the Save button.
   The text is now marked as tranlated, the count of untramslated goes down, and so on.

There are many ways of accessing the translations, such as using the 'Contibute Now' button.

  • go to Translations
  • Select jD2.5 or jD3.2 series
  • on page shown next Select language
  • on following page shownig the list of language files, scroll down and use the 'Contribute now' button for the relevant item
  • this usually gives a login screen
  • after logging in you are on the translation screen.

To find out more about Transifex then go to the Dashboard

Colin Mercer November 2014

  • Mittwoch, 12 November 2014