Show Permissions Graphically - An Overview

Using Joomla Debug mode to Show permissons for all categories and downloads graphically by user group.

Showing permissions of multiple categories and downloads in a graphical form is very useful in tracking down possible problems. Joomla! includes a method to show the permissions for individual user groups in the Debug mode.

The first step is to go to Global Configuration and then select the System tab. 

Change the Debug mode to Yes as shown.

Then Save & Close

Note because you are in 'debug' mode the site will run much, much slower.


When finished remember to set Debug to No


Next go to User Group Manager and select User Groups

Because we are in 'debug' mode each user group will show a 'Debug Permissions  Report'

Clicking on the appropriate user group will show the permission for every type and every item.




So as shown below select JDownloads in the component section.

You will then see the permissions for every category and download that is accessible by the selected user group

It may be useful, particularly on large sites, to set the Start and End LevelsFindPermissions05A




When finished remember to set Debug to No



Colin Mercer Nov 2014 - modified Jan 2015 Article based on forum item by Arno.