How to Uninstall ALL of jDownloads?

Completely uninstall jDownloads including the database tables and  the data.

JDownloads consists of four major parts

  1. The Software which is the component, modules and plugins;
  2. the Data which are files that are downloaded  together with the folders that form the Categories, and also all the audio and video preview files;
  3. the Images associated with Downloads;
  4. and the Database items that hold the information about configuration, user groups, download descriptions and so on.

From version 46 (October 2016) when you follow the normal Joomla! Uninstall process jDownloads offers an "Uninstall Control Panel" that allows offers a choice of which of the Data, Images and the Database items are to be deleted at the same time as the Software is uninstalled.

In versions earlier than version 46 then the Data, Images and the Database items had to be removed manually if you wanted a complete removal.    The normal retention of the Data, Images and the Database items is to facilitate the possible re-loading of the software, and use is made of this during major migrations from one jDownloads series to another one.

Note also that uninstalling jDownloads Software will also delete file' jdownloads_custom.css' where you may have made some custom changes.  If you plan to possibly reinstall jDownloads later you may also wish to save a copy of that file by exporting it.  See for location details.

The various stages are summarised below, and then followed by detailed instructions for each group of items.

  1. First uninstall the software.
  2. Next delete the data directories and their contents
  3. Finally attend to the database items

Always make a backup before attempting this process, especially the database items.

Uninstalling the Software

  • Navigate to the Joomla Extensions Installer in your Joomla administration.
  • Click  on Manage in the sub menu.
  • Type now in the filter field: jdownloads and click on Search to show a view similar to below:
  • uninstall01
  • This gives the list of all installed jDownloads add-ons.
  • Selecting the Component and clicking on Uninstalll:
    • For v46 and higher it will bring up the jDownloads Uninstall Control Panel as illustrated below;
    • For Earlier versions it will immediately uninstall all of the Software. The Data, Images and the Database items may be removed as described in the two sections

Uninstalling with Version 46 and higher

When the jDownloads Component has been selected for Uninstalling then the "Uninstall Control panel as illustrated below will appear
  • Please read all the Notes on the "Uninstall Control Panel".
  • You may choose to Abort the Uninstallation so as to take some backups.
  • You may select any, none or all of the options. Note you need to type in the exact YES, by design it is not a pull down as this minimises the chance of accidental removals
  • Clicking on Uninstall initiates the actual unistall process.

If you intend to re-install jDownloads at some later time then do not select any of the options.

If you are uncertain then ask in the Forum.

After uninstallig a Component then Joomla! normally sets all the associted menu items  to unpublished.

Re- installing re-publishes them.

If you are completely removing jDownloads you should also remember to use the Menu Manager to remove any unwanted menu items.


After the uninstallation you should see a successfull unistal message such as shown opposite

In this example it was a complete uninstall as shown by the three bold messages given in a lighter green.

The following messages show that al the jDoads modules and plugins as well as the component werer all uninstalled.


 Pre Version 46: Deleteting the Data and Images.

There are only two folders that need deleting:  (NB you can just rename them if you think you may want to keep the data for use later)

  • the jDownloads upload root folder, default name:  <site-root>/jdownloads 
  • the folder with the pictures and similar:  <site-root>/images/jdownloads

There are several ways to delete/rename, including using the site cPanel file manager, using an ftp client such as FileZilla, or using one of the Joomla! file manager components such as eXtplorer.

Pre Version 46: Deleting the Database tables

Here there are multiple actions: the jDownloads tables themselves; the menu items; and the Joomla! assets table.

Delete jDownloads Tables

In phpmyadmin you can run an sql query such as

show tables like '%jdownloads%';

This produces a list of tables such as shown opposite.

Presently there are eight tables.

The prefix in this example is 'j32'

The database table name has been blanked out.

To delete one could run a query such as
delete tables like '%jdownloads%'

or, safer, use the database structure view which lists
each table like the one below and use the Drop button.



Clean up Menus

The menus could be deleted by using the menu manager in the normal way.


If you are unsure then please ask for more clarification in the forum.

Colin Mercer January 2015, modified September 2016

  • Pre Version 46: Deleting the Database tables
  • Montag, 26 Januar 2015