Install a Language Pack

Install a jDownloads specific Language Pack
Adding another language to jDownloads is a straight forward operation.
This article does not cover creating a new multilingual site or converting an existing 'single language' site to a multilingual site.
To make a  multilingual site please see this article (opens in a new tab/window).
In this article we will use loading the specific French language pack for jDownloads.

First please note that this does not use the Install Languages  in Extensions Manage.

This is just for installing languages for Joomla! itself.

Basically the process is to download the appropriate jDownloads language pack and then install as if it were a regular extension.

lang install 01
The first step is to click on the Translations menu item lang install 02on the jDownloads documentation site (opens in a new tab/window)

This will show the choice of selecting either the jDownloads 3.2 or 3.9 languages as shown opposite.

Obviously click on the appropriate  lang install 04 button.
lang install 03
The next view is illustrated opposite.

Just scroll down to find the required language and click on ithe Title of the required language.
lang install 05
You will then see an article similar to this one followed by the status of the translations for each part of jDownloads as indicated opposite.
There are about 50 or so language sections, all of which are included in the required language file.
Scroll down to the lang install 07 button near the bottom of the page, click on it and save the file at some convenient location.

lang install 06

The downloaded language pack is self installing.

So use the regular Install as indicated opposite.

Use the upload package tab, not the upload from web, locate the downloaded file and load into the upload area.  The installation starts as usual.

You now have the specific jDownloads language file in place.
lang install 08

ColinM  28 September 2019

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